Our fixings


At McKenzie's, using quality fixings is a must. Not only does this guarantee strength, durability and customer satisfaction; it also drastically reduces the chance of any problems or the need to return to the job. And no - it's nothing personal!

All of our fixings are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel - this means no rust and extreme strength.

D Shackles & Turnbuckles

D-Shackles are used to connect the sail to the pole and/or fixing point that we have installed. 

Turnbuckles allow us to initially tension the sail and also provide the ability to further tighten in the future if need be. 

Connecting to house/building

Our fixing points are connected using materials suitable for the task at hand. We have lots of experience connecting to roofs, walls, steel and concrete as long as we believe it can hold our sail.


Should your job need poles installed, we can attach them to the ground of a wall, or most commonly we can concrete the pole into the ground. We hand dig all of our holes and dig a minimum depth of 1 metre, with a minimum diameter of 300mm. Hand digging allows us to identify any underground services such as water, electricity of gas to ensure safety and damage control.

Our poles are Australian steel with a minimum wall thickness of 4mm and minimum pole size of 100x100mm.

Tailor Made

If your job is difficult or tricky, our steel and fixings can be custom designed and ordered to ensure maximum strength. This can include posts, wall brackets and beams.

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