Curtains & Blinds

Various Material Options

Our curtains and blinds can be custom made to fit with a range of different materials. These materials include clear PVC plastic, mesh and shade sail fabric.

Rope-pully System

Our blinds are easily opened using a rope pulley system. This allows you to adjust the height of the blind with ease. Don't worry, we install fixings to hold the rope off the ground. We will demonstrate how to use the pulley system as well.

Quality Stitching, Fixings & Zips

Our curtains and blinds are stitched with PTFE UV resistant stitching, quality stainless fixings and UV resistant zips.

Achilles PVC Clear Plastic

We use Achilles PVC Clear Plastic for our clear plastic cafe-style blinds. Many cafes use these to block out rain and wind but still offer full light and uninterrupted view. See photos below for examples.


For our mesh curtains/blinds, we use Shann fabrics. This material is unique because it offers a view out, but privacy and limited view in. See photos below for examples.

Rainbow Shade

Our blinds and curtains can also be made using regular shade material from Rainbow Shade. See photos below for examples.